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Paragliding World Cup 2011 - News

Following discussions with the local organisers in Bayramoren (Turkey) and Ager (Spain), it has been decided that the next events will continue in the normal World Cup manner and within our existing rules - this includes the flying of Open Class gliders.

The Paragliding World Cup is aware of the complexity of the ongoing situation and will continue to act according to the wishes of our competitors. Decisions for the future will be discussed at the General Assembly in Ager, Spain.

Paragliding World Cup General Assembly 2010 votes for SuperFinal Format for the next 3 years.

The Paragliding World Cup General Assembly was held on 29th September in the Artemis Yoruk Hotel in Pamukkale and the attendance was high. When the proxies were added to the members in attendance there were a total of 220 votes available to decide the issues we were voting on.

The most important decision was the format of the Paragliding World Cup for the next three years. A strong majority voted that the format should be five selection events and a SuperFinal so this will be the format until the end of 2013. The Paragliding World Cup Association would like to express our thanks to all who attended.

World Cup Taskboard

You can upload the ofiicial World Cup Taskboard here...
It is recommended to use it for all competitions !


2009 Competition Rules

The 2009 Competition rules are now available for download or printing.
This is a provisional version as some details still need to be set by the PWCA Committee (e.g. Altitude control,...).
Please make sure that you've downloaded the last version.
Thank you for your understanding.

2008 Main changes in the rules

Have a quick look at the main changes in the 2008 rules as well as the changes in the nation class and selection...

2007 Competition Rules

The 2007 Competition Rules are now available for download/printing.


Older Rules

Here are the Paragliding World Cup 2003 competition rules in PDF format. It is the last edition containing the PHOTO rules.


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