results for pilot Michal Krysta

competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
Czech Open - Sopot (Bulgaria) 2011472147Axis Mercury
2011 Paragliding Winter Cup26961AXIS MERCURY 4
World Cup Korea Mun Gyeong 201170888Axis Axis prototype#2 17/05/201159732.066km01:46:52
#3 18/05/2011110156.09.6km
World Cup Austria Lienz 201188434Axis Axis prototype#2 15/06/201188434.032.7km
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Slovak Championship - Inovec open 201024475Axis Venus 2
Slovakian Open24475Axis Venus 2
2010 Beskydy Open9801Axis Venus
2010 X-Air Cup Stranik10603Axis Venus 2
2010 Xcontest Xrace84608
2010 X-air Tatra Open - Czech championship311482Axis Venus II
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Czech Republic Czech Open Levico Terme (Italia) 2009771221Axis Venus II
5th Round Czech League and Czech Junior Championship123950Axis Venus II
2009 Czech League Round 1171678Axis Mercury
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Czech PG open 07801109Axis Mercury
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