results for pilot Franco Ruggeri

competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
Pre PWC Italy Vicenza 200721755AXIS MERCURY
Pre PWC Italy Poggio Bustone 2007181523AXIS MERCURY
Montegrappa 07 PG102535AXIS MERCURY
Monteavena Italian PG - Guarnieri Trophy 0782554AXIS MERCURY
World Cup Italy Monte Cornizzolo 2007374537Axis Para Mercury#850861.077km02:19:12
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Trofeo Montegrappa HG and PG59596
Monteavena-Guarnieri Trophy9905
Trofeo Gianni Cerroni181451
Italian Champs 06275234
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
XXII Guarnieri Int. Trophy 05251902
Campionati Italiani 2005153675
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