results for pilot Konrad Görg

competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
World Cup Brazil Castelo 2012851024Aircross Usport#1 21/03/201288170.06.5km
#2 22/03/201210593.010.2km
#3 24/03/201210761.034.3km
World Cup Portugal Montalegre 2012882104Aircross USport 2#1 15/07/201254871.083.9km02:08:33
#2 16/07/2012108195.021.2km
#3 17/07/2012106164.057.3km
#6 21/07/201253874.081.6km01:49:53
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
German Open - Lengries 2011141166AirCross U6
German Championship 201183031Aircross U6
2011 Trofeo Montegrappa991827Aircross U6
2011 German Flatlands GS4667AirCross U cross M
World Cup Korea Mun Gyeong 201176813Aircross Ultima 6#2 17/05/201179581.066km02:08:08
#3 18/05/201157232.014.9km
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
2010 Valadares Paragliding Open 2010233916[open] AirCross U4
2010 Trofeo Montegrappa PG71872Aircross Ultima 5
2010 Staufen-Cup151180Aircross Ultima 5
2010 Greifenburg Open281757Aircross Ultima 5
World Cup Japan Happo 201051851Aircross U5#1 28/05/201012851.058.8km01:42:42
#2 29/05/201011000.047.7km01:43:17
World Cup Superfinal - Turkey Denizli 2010983578Aircross U5#1 22/09/201061831.063.5km02:03:54
#2 23/09/2010124279.050km
#3 24/09/201078885.060km01:37:26
#4 25/09/201081846.057.4km
#5 27/09/201011592.07.2km
#6 01/10/201082568.039.9km
#7 02/10/2010110169.011.8km
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsortasktask ranktask pointsdistancetime
Austria Austrian Open FAI Pre Euro Abtenau 2009621603Aircross U4
Valadares PG Open 0914715AirCross U4
PG Trofeo Montegrappa 09372475AirCROSS U4
BaWü PG Open 09301082Kontest GmbH, Konrad Görg Airc
World Cup Brazil Governador Valadares 2009181653Aircross Aircross#1 22/03/200911249.015.6km
#2 23/03/200925657.024.4km
#3 26/03/200969211.07.5km
#4 27/03/200911755.06.2km
#5 28/03/20092996.056.1km
World Cup Croatia Buzet 2009642492Aircross U4#1 12/07/200937508.036.8km
#2 13/07/200946570.044.2km
#3 14/07/2009118149.015.5km
#4 15/07/200929723.055.4km02:22:26
#5 16/07/2009115181.021.1km
#6 17/07/200961510.069.4km04:19:05
World Cup Italy Poggio Bustone 2009532508Aircross U4#1 02/09/200965772.075.1km02:40:13
#2 05/09/200972744.041.9km
#3 07/09/200980668.067.6km02:04:14
#4 09/09/20094992.071.3km02:35:02
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Pre PWC France Reunion Island Saint-Leu 2008192494U4
German PG Open Piedrahita 0830541Aircross Ultima 4
Mexican pre-worlds 08473781Air CROSS U4
Montegrappa PG 083989Aircross U4
Mosel PG Open 08121366Aircross U4
BaWü PG Open 08171716Kontest GmbH, Konrad Görg Airc
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Greifenburg PG Open 07531379Skyline Flight Gear GmbH and Co.
Dutch PG Flatland 073785Aircross U3
18th Alpen Open 07111728Aircross U3
German PG Open 07351344Skyline Flight Gear GmbH and Co.
Schmitten Moonlight Pokal 07341849Aircross U3
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
Bayerische Meisterschaft 06211820
3rd German Champ. Berchtesgarten Open51379
11th Schmitten Pokal791243
Andradas Panamerican Cup 2006273613
competition namegeneral rankgeneral pointsglidersponsor
3. Int. Ba-Wü Open 200557189
All Africa 05 - PRE WORLD CUP124718
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