World Cup Portugal Montalegre 2012 Day1

Posted : 6 years 2 months ago

Day 1 is here and the sun is shining. The forecast could be better but it looks good enough for a task so the pilots are all on the way to the Montalegre take-off. We will have more news as soon as decisions are made on the hill.

World Cup Portugal Montalegre 2012 Registration

Posted : 6 years 2 months ago

The Paragliding World Cup has arrived in Portugal. Everything is ready for Registration and the opening ceremony will take place at the headquarters at 21:00 tonight

2012 Barberton Paragliding Open Debrief

Posted : 6 years 2 months ago

On the Final day, Francois Miog got stuck on take-off together with half the field. The climbs were marginal and the leaders managed to grovel away. Francois had 60 points on Duncan Kotze but the gap was not big enough for the 30 minute late start.

Fester (Buffel) Chris van Noord used his 300 point lead over Nevil and made sure of a certain goal, givin him the overall competition win.
Congratulations to Chris van Noord, Nevil Hulett and Duncan Kotze.

The ladies was won by Khobi-Jane Bowden followed by Chrissi Drunk and Michelle Black.

2012 Barberton Paragliding Open Day 7 Task 6

Posted : 6 years 2 months ago

Task is set for today. Final day with Chris (Fester) van Noord in a good lead. Miog(y) Bear need to keep Duncan out of the podium. We are not crossing Duncan's Donga today and there is no margin forNevelling each outher, leadout point might be the deciding factor for fourth place.

2012 Barberton Paragliding Open Day 6

Posted : 6 years 2 months ago

Today the cloud cover is the same as Day 5 but the prediction if for a Northerly wind.

2012 Barberton Paragliding Open Day 4 Results

Posted : 6 years 3 months ago

Task 4 was won by Nevil Hulett followed by Duncan Kotze and Andrew Smith. Super Final entry Francois Miog just landed short of goal, moving him into third position Overall. Duncan needs to up his game to make it onto the podium. Barberton used to have the veterans on the podium but 2012 seems to have a few young guns taking the lead.

2012 Barberton Paragliding Open Day 4 Weather

Posted : 6 years 3 months ago

Rock music energizes the pilots as they sit around on Lone Tree Hill take off,silently keeping an eye on the stubborn westerly wind that just wont swing around.
The lack of clouds allow the sun to do what it does best - create lekker thermals,stonkers, beepers,call it what you will, as long as it goes up and promises to take you along. If only this wind can get it's act together. The windsock constantly betrays it's intent.

2012 Barberton Paragliding Open Day 3

Posted : 6 years 3 months ago

Day 3 is upon us.
The wind was howling last night from the South (Lone Tree Hill does not accommodate South Take-off). Yet, this morning everything is fresh and quiet. The predictions are for 40-50% low clouds, thermal strength 1.5m/s up to 2700m (5000ft) ASL. The Barberton valley is at 820m (2700ft) ASL and we should have a nice day of flying.
The organising team is still learning all the capabilities of the PWC website. Thank you to Ulric and Julien for all the assistance.

2012 Barberton Paragliding Open Short elapsed time

Posted : 6 years 3 months ago

A short elapsed time of around 37 Km was run today.
The task prooved once again to be tricky and Livetracking showed Chris Van Noord being the fastest pilot at goal today.
GPS download is on its way and the results should come along soon.
Keep watching.


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