Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Denizli, Turkey - Results and Links

Paragliding World Cup 2010 - Super Final

22nd September - 2nd October 2010

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22nd September 2010 - Denizli, Turkey - Day 1 - Task 1 - Won by Andre Rainsford

The 2010 Super Final is off to a flying start. Today's race saw 89 pilots making goal.

The winner of the task with a goal time of 1 hour 50 mins 57 seconds is Andre Rainsford (South Africa)

Winning woman today with a time of 2 hours 00 mins 53 seconds is Seiko Fukuoka Naville (France / Les Passagers du Vent)

The results are now available from the links at the top of the page - more tomorrow....

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22nd September 2010 - Denizli, Turkey - Day 1 - Task 1 - Update [16:50]

There will be a lot of pilots in goal today. About 20 mins ago the lead gaggle (which was about 30 gliders) passed over the HQ on the way to goal - a second gaggle was about 5 minutes behind and there are still pilots appearing over the mountain now.

We were not able to see who was in the lead so now we are waiting for news from the goal.

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22nd September 2010 - Denizli, Turkey - Day 1 - Task 1 - 71.1km Race to Goal

Its been a bit of a wait this morning but we finally have a task. Today's race is a 71.1km Race to Goal with the goal here in Pamukkale.

The window is already open (13:30) and the race start will be at 14:30.

WORLD CUP EXPO In Shangaï meet the PWCA

THE WORLD CUP AT THE WORLD EXPO ! In collaboration with Porcher Sport and the Coupe Icare, the PWCA will take part to the "Free Flying" day at the World Expo in Shangaï, October 9th. A World Cup movie from Philippe Broers will be presented to the public.

22nd September 2010 - Denizli, Turkey - Paragliding World Cup Superfinal - Day 1 [11:00]

The end of the season is here at last and the Paragliding World Cup has arrived in the pretty town of Pamukkale near to Denizli in Turkey. Headquarters for the competition is by the side of a lake at the bottom of the spectacular 'cotton mountain' which makes Pamukkale famous. 


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