How the World Cup Technical Systems Work

The Paragliding World Cup uses a lot of, quite often cutting edge, technology to ensure that our competitions are efficient, fair and to reduce queues to a minimum in all possible situations. A few people have asked how it all works so here, in all its gory detail, is an insiders view of what goes on inside all of those laptops !!

Using The World Cup Live Tracking Systems

The Paragliding World Cup has been using Live Tracking systems, to allow the race to be followed in real time and in 3D, since 2010. Over the years the system has been developed at each event and, with the partnership of Flymaster and the subsequent Flymaster LIVE units, has evolved into a comprehensive safety and spectator system. There are now many ways to view our events live so this is a tutorial for those who are new to the Paragliding World Cup web site.

New Flymaster Live Trackers Under Development

The Paragliding World Cup is pleased to announce that, following discussions with Flymaster Avionics (a Paragliding World Cup partner), a new live tracking system, with a number of exciting enhancements, is now being developed.
It is hoped that the first use of this new system will be the 2013 SuperFinal in Baixo Guandu, Brazil.

World Cup Mexico Valle de Bravo 2014 shuttles from Toulouse Blagnac airport

Posted : 5 years 5 months ago

The busses from Blagnac are already planned and full, for the pilots who booked in advance.

If you are stuck in Blagnac Airport, please contact Kevin
if you are enough we can organise another bus.

else you can take the bus to "Toulouse Matabiau" station, then the train to lannemezan at 14h41, 16h, 17h31, 18h06, 19h39, 20h41 and we can pick you there.

World Cup France Val Louron Wednesday 19 : the landing field is flooded !!

Posted : 5 years 6 months ago
Event reference: 

Hi all
For this first report, I will just put a picture from a local newspaper : the landing field is flooded due to heavy rains and snow melting !! There is no hurry to arrive in Val Louron as this week is all but flyable, roads are closed, meteoalarm flashes red for our area...
We can just hope it will improve !! Saturday 22 looks promising.

edit 14h : water is gone now, and the local PG schools are using the field as usual. This was a fast flooding, was'nt it ?

What are paragliding competitions about ?

For the major majority of the general public the term 'paragliding' either means nothing at all or brings to mind images of people being towed behind boats or 'jumping' off hills with a parachute - this isn't the case and we will try to explain a bit more about our sport with these words. A paraglider is a fully functioning glider (it flies forwards through the air) but also resembles a parachute in appearance, hence the name 'paraglider'.

World Cup USA Sun Valley 2012 Guy Anderson is safe!

Posted : 6 years 3 months ago

Guy Anderson has been found, and has been airlifted to hospital in a stable condition.

We would like to salute the pilots, volunteers and professionals that took part in this incredible operation to find and retrieve Guy.

World Cup USA Sun Valley 2012 Day1-ENd

Posted : 6 years 3 months ago

The retrieve worked nicely and everybody is back at HQ. The task was not running long enough to score so we will try again tomorrow. Pilots will be leaving for takeoff at 0900 and news will be here then

World Cup USA Sun Valley 2012 Task Cancelled

Posted : 6 years 3 months ago

The task is cancelled due to hail on the course and hail in the goal field

World Cup USA Sun Valley 2012 Day1 - Task 1

Posted : 6 years 3 months ago

A task has been set for today - the details are below


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