Gliders from this manufacturer in results database
glider namenumber of usesnumber of eventsnumber of pilotsnumber of podiumsfirst occurencelast occurence
Tracer35017710125September 2006March 2012
Torck12065623July 2008August 2014
synergy310671661September 2007August 2013
Synergy 47447360March 2010July 2014
Torck 27238464June 2011July 2015
Tracer TR251292710June 2010April 2016
Synergy 25036400February 2007August 2015
Ellus3231180June 2007September 2012
Ellus 23129200February 2007September 2012
Synergy 52519120June 2009July 2016
Ellus 32321140June 2009April 2012
Synergy2018150February 2007July 2016
Eclipse131360August 2005October 2009
Dynamic AR10730April 2005July 2010
Dynamic ARF6430March 2006November 2006
Dynamic4430July 2005September 2008
Cyclone1110February 2007February 2007

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