Gliders from this manufacturer in results database
glider namenumber of usesnumber of eventsnumber of pilotsnumber of podiumsfirst occurencelast occurence
Poison 2229129891August 2007June 2014
Cayenne 415490800March 2012August 2017
Cayenne 513855660May 2015September 2018
Cayenne 312293641May 2009June 2017
Poison 310463544January 2011August 2017
Poison8565450June 2005June 2017
Cayenne6650460April 2007July 2017
Cayenne 26154350April 2007August 2013
Poison XAlps3517211October 2015September 2018
Chili 23229150June 2010July 2015
Chili 42314150June 2017September 2017
tequila1717100March 2007August 2016
Téquila 2121290February 2009July 2016
Spice5550July 2016September 2017
Mescal1110October 2011October 2011