Gliders from this manufacturer in results database
glider namenumber of usesnumber of eventsnumber of pilotsnumber of podiumsfirst occurencelast occurence
Mercury1551391317141April 2004August 2017
Venus 25332791766April 2008July 2016
Vega 23761851243February 2007August 2015
Venus 32691421113January 2011August 2017
Mercury 200910576476January 2009May 2012
Mercury Sport9445346April 2012June 2016
Mercury 200893654210January 2008June 2011
Vega 37557380May 2010April 2015
Mercury 36451286October 2009August 2014
Venus 44927231August 2014December 2017
Vega4838370April 2007January 2016
Comet2717140August 2011August 2017
Mercury 2007221880June 2007August 2014
Pluto210870January 2010July 2014
Mercury 20062220July 2009August 2011

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