August 31st - 50km task, 40 pilots in goal

6th competition day... 6th task in Kayseri. This happens for the second time this year after Italy and did not happen often in the history of the Paragliding World Cup.

The weather has changed today: wind is stronger and the air is dry and hot. As the winddummies are going up, the wind is good to take off, the meet director Bekir Bastug, the TD and the pilots committee decides to go for a 56km race to goal with a 40 km validation distance. The first part is difficult with head wind between the second and third turnpoints. Thanks to the performances of the gliders and the good thermals, 43 pilots managed to reach the third turnpoint. The end is much easier. Christian Maurer is attacking but lands 15 km short of goal. He stays first in the 2007 World Cup ranking but his advance is reducing (but his glider remains the same ;-) Anyway, he is still in a good position to become PWCA World Champion this year. The day winner is the czech pilot Radek Vecera, 3 minutes ahead of Peter Neuenschwander and 5 minutes before others pilots. Anja Kroll is the only female pilot in goal, only 11 mn after Radek. She's also on the good way to become the next PWCA female World Champion ! But the season is not finished !

Today's winning team is Spaelti.


The following results are provisionnal, the deadline for complaints is 18:00, prize giving ceremony will start at 19:30.