August 27th - 70km task - Andreas Malecki wins the task

Second task in Kayseri, second race this time is 70km long.

Malecki at the top

The second task from Mont Ali is a 70 km race to the east. After one hour of flying, big clouds are forming creating a big shadow area. About 50 pilots are landing between 33km et 43 km. But a few pilots, after circling in very little varios during more than one hour, manage to keep going along the road to Pinarbasi. They fly all the time very low as the cloudbase is not higher than 500 m over the ground (2200 m cloudbase, ground level at 1700m !). A dozen of pilots managed to reach the last turnpoint and turn south to the goal in a little valley. They don't have time to watch the beautiful landscape as they keep struggling to take some altitude. Nikolay Shorokhov lands in a field were he needs two hours to take his thin lines glider out. Andreas Malecki is the only one crossing te goal line with a loud satisfaction. After six years in the World Cup, the 47 years young german is winning his first task ! Another young pilot, Goran Dimiskovski from Makedonia, 39 years old, is landing 1 km from goal and taking the second place. Keiko Hiraki is making a very good results with 8th position and 56.8 km. With Malecki first and Shorokhov 10th, the Fly Gin team is winning the task.


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