June 7th - 85km race - report and results

Low, fast and furious !
No more visit of the Ager valley. A goal is set to the north-east in Organya, the site of the spanish acro pilots. The first turnpoint is after the canyon on the right of the take off. Some pilots are flying close to the ridge, others 100 m away, and others even more further where there they find a good climb, but at the end everybody gather before the turnpoint. The second turnpoint is also easy for most pilots, allowing everybody to avoid soome rain on the right. After the crossing of a lake, the conditions are more tricky. It is more difficult to make some altitude. Max Jeanpierre and Aljaz Valic find a good thermal thanks to a vulture showing the lift. The leading group is turning a good 2m/s thermal. They suddenly see Aljaz Valic speeding under their feet and finding further a better 3m/s. It's enough to keep racing on the last ridge and win the task. Christian Maurer will not repeat the hat-trick of Hans Bollinger in Zillertal 1995 where he won three tasks in a row.
With Valic and Brauner, the Mac Para team is winning the day and Anja Kroll is again the first woman, only 20 mn after Valic.
The "most special flight" of the day goes to Dimitry Maslennikov, who landed in the mountain, took off again, landed in another mountain, climbed to take off for the first time and flew finally to the city of Tremp to find the retrieve !

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