June 6th - 62km race - report and results

Second task in Ager - 4mn clip The conditions are tricky again but a short task is possible before the forecasted overdevelopment.
With Tomas Brauner and Xevi Bonet in the pilots committee, a 62 km task is proposed going round the Ager valley. In fact, the real flying distance is less, when the distances to the start (2x 3 km as the pilots don't need to go to the point) and the turnpoints distances are deducted.


The first part is very fast along the ridge with a good cloudbase around 2200 m. The thermals are quite strong with some 8m/s. Maurer is leading almost from the beginning. The view with the lakes in the back is stunning.

On the other side of the valley, Andy Aebi is catching up and flying the last part with Maurer. As he broke a line at take off on a stabilo, his glider has a funny style but keeps flying quite well, but not enough to keep up with Christian.

From the last turnpoint, with the wind, the last glide seems easy. But it's not. In same places a sink is waiting for the pilots. Some altitude, no speedbar, a good choice of route over the rare sunny fields are helping ! Many pilots are landing short of goal including unlucky Aebi who is missing a good second place. The sympathetic italian Federico Nevastro is crossing the line less than 1 mn later. Four minutes later the following group is lead (not Zeppelin, paragliders !) by a rising Czech pilot, Michal Sneiberg and the rasta team historical leader, Martin Orlik. Orlik 4th and Ohlidal 10th, the Axispara team is winning the day !

77 pilots are making goal with the first woman being Anja Kroll, only 15 mn after Maurer.
A short task but a good one. Tonight, "Cerveza" party at the local social club !


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