June 3rd - 82km race - report and results

Jackpot for Switzerland !

The weatherman in the morning was expecting a little north wind and he was right. Another organizer at the buses departure, is asking one guy with a bag if he his a (competition) pilot. The guy is answering "no" and goes to another bus ! After the safety briefing about radios, report back, conditions level and other points, the task proposed by the meet director Miquel Lazaro goes around the valley of Ager with five turnpoints and a goal at the camping where all pilots are enjoying drinks, food and accomodation.

The wind is north but thermals allows good take offs and almost all pilots are airborne within 20 mn. The first thermal is not very strong but most of the pilots are in time for the start, 30mn after window opening. The start is a cylinder 3 km around the goal, time is checked when pilots are going out of the cylinder.

The first part is on the ridge going 25 km east and back. Sometimes it's better to stay on the windy side on the north, sometimes the sunny side is faster. Stephane Drouin is leading at the beginning but Christian Maurer is taking over and will keep the lead for the remaining of the task.

After the second turnpoint, an old tower, the pilots must cross the valley to the other side where they find again good thermals. Another crossing of the valley with a turnpoint on the lower ridge and it's time to reach goal.

Flying the course in an impressive 2h25mn, the swiss squad is back again taking over the first four places, followed by the slovenians and a lonely englishman. Christian Maurer is adding one more 1000 points task to his list, to the surprise of the organizer of the morning when he is recognizing him. 54 pilots are making goal some of them more than 1h after Maurer. One of them is Eliane Ueltschi, completing the swiss male success with a female first place.
With 1st and 4th places, the winning team of the day is Advance.

For the next days, the weather report is announcing a decreasing north wind and conditions which should allow great tasks !


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