New Flymaster Live Trackers Under Development

The Paragliding World Cup is pleased to announce that, following discussions with Flymaster Avionics (a Paragliding World Cup partner), a new live tracking system, with a number of exciting enhancements, is now being developed.
It is hoped that the first use of this new system will be the 2013 SuperFinal in Baixo Guandu, Brazil.
The new tracking units will be in the form of a Flymaster Live which is a full competition flight instrument in itself. This means every competitor will have access to a state of the art competition flight computer as well as all of the improved features of the tracking system.
Some of the new features will be :-

  • 1 second track interval with store and forward technology which will allow completely live scoring of the task to be accurately implemented.
  • Two way in flight messaging. Pilots will be able to declare a level 1,2 or 3 situation anonymously and will receive confirmation that the declaration has been received. Messages to the pilot(s) such as task stopped/cancelled (or even - you have a knot in your lines) will be displayed on screen with an audible alert that a message has been received.
  • Report back on landing will be possible by selecting a 'report back' option with extra options for 'no retrieve needed', 'will move and report back again when stopped' etc - this message will be acknowledged on screen when it has been processed at headquarters.
  • Automatic task setting - if GSM coverage on takeoff is good then the task will be automatically uploaded to all of the live instuments as soon as it has been set by the TD. This removes any possibility that the pilot does not have the correct task set in the unit. If the task is then changed this will also update automatically.
  • Free fall / reserve detection - the units have an accelerometer built in and will detect periods of free fall, reserve deployment or heavy landing / impact and will signal this to headquarters. A message asking for confirmation that the pilot is OK will be displayed on the screen and the alert state will be cancelled only if this is acknowledged.
  • 20-30 hour battery life - no more trackers stopping mid task - this will enhance both the visibility of the race for viewers and also the safety aspects of the whole system.

Additionally this new partnership means that we will working directly with the manufacturer of the units which will allow us to develop new features as we think of them.
Presentation of the tracking data will still be carried through LiveTrack24 allowing all of the current features (Google Earth view, chat etc) to be retained.
We are excited by the possibilites presented by this development and hope that pilots and spectators will enjoy the new features.