Birth Of The Paragliding World Cup

The Official Committee of the Paragliding World Cup was formed on August 9th 1991 in Verbier and the Paragliding World Cup began as an official event in 1992. Cross Country Magazine (official partner of the Paragliding World Cup) have kindly assembled an archive of articles about these formative events - the whole archive can be viewed HERE

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New Content On The PWCA Website

We are constantly working on ways to improve the quality and quantity of data we are able to provide on the Paragliding World Cup events. We are now pleased to announce some new content on this website which is available to all.

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2017 World Cup - Serbia ::: Nish, Sicevo Nis Commentary

Posted : 1 year 10 months ago

2017-06-24 - Paragliding World Cup : Nis,Serbia - Day 7 [18:47]

The final pilots are back and the final scores have been produced and are now availble online.

Congratulations to our winners Stephane DROUIN (Open), Atsuko YAMASHITA (Women) and Primoz SUSA, Yassen SAVOV, Méryl DELFERRIERE and Clement LATOUR (TEAM Ozone).

The prizegiving and closing ceremony will be held at headquarters here in Nis at 20:00

Our next event begins on 5th August in Disentis, Switzerland - see you there.

How To Store Your Flymaster Screens On The Server

It is now possible for pilots who wish to use custom screen layouts on the Live units we issue during Paragliding World Cup events to store these screens on the server. You may upload up to 10 different layouts and select the required version to be installed on your live at the start of an event - on registration day we will download your required layout and install it on the unit you have been assigned for the competition.

Live Commentary On World Cup Tasks

For a long time we have considered adding some kind of commentary to the tasks but we struggle to find anyone who has the time and experience available to add comments all the way through. For the next two competitions (France and Reunion) we are lucky to have Ruth Jessop (Ulric's wife) along with us and she has offered her services to commentate on the competition.

Changing Your Pilot Number In The World Cup

We get multiple requests for pilots to change their pilot number at every World Cup Registration. In the past we have tried hard to accommodate these requests but, in almost every case, it has caused a problem somewhere in the workflow of the world cup systems. This usually results in a pilot being misidentified in some part of the systems and data being applied to the wrong person.

Limited Live Tracking in Castelo, Brazil - The Reasons Explained

It all comes down to the complex nature of international transit of goods and the various customs authorities we encounter on our travels.


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